Love in Greener Pastures

By Amanda Betz. Format: eBook. Read: August 2012.

Gabby Richards is temporarily moving back home due to a family emergency. She vowed she would never live there again, because she never wanted to revisit all the painful memories she left behind. A few blocks away from home her car breaks down, and the town mechanic is no longer the old man she remembers, but a six-foot tall gorgeous man. Jake Harrison moved to Clear Lake to take-over his grandfather’s auto-repair shop, when his grandfather passed away. He also moved to run from his own painful memories. He is instantly drawn to Gabby, but Gabby is determined to keep everyone at a distance, because she is going to move back to Chicago to work for a big city magazine as soon as possible. Will Gabby realize her goals can be achieved once she accepts her past, or will she lose everything in her desperate desire for distance?

Amanda Bretz has written a delightful story. Gabby is easily relatable to every woman who has ever tried to balance her career goals, with her family obligations. Jake is the sexy, all-American man, that most women dream of knowing. These characters are loveable, and readers will enjoy sharing in their journey towards love. Bretz has a gift for writing characters that have undeniable chemistry. This story is a fun, fast-read, sure to top the list of favorites, for every fan of romance.

I have had the pleasure of reading both of Amanda Bretz’s books. While her debut novel started out with a steamy setting, there were several grammatical problems. This story has a small town setting, and a fast-paced plot, with very few grammar errors. Love in Greener Pastures is a wonderful second story that shows a great improvement in writing styles. I for one, can not wait to see what Amanda Bretz writes next. The only thing that romance fans will be disappointed in, is the fact that the story has to end. So tell me, have you read Amanda Bretz’s first two novels? If so, which is your favorite?

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Notes: Amanda Bretz provided a copy of this book to me for review.
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