“The Command Performance”

A Grey Magic Story. By Erin Elizabeth Long. Format: eBook. Read: August 2012.

     This is a short story that accompanies the first book in the Isenland Trilogy. It takes place during Grimoire’s stay with the traveling actors. This is a cute story that gives readers a deeper insight into the personalities of the group of actors. It foreshadows a few events that occur later in the main novel. “The Command Performance” is a nice bonus material for fans that have read Grey Magic.

     As an avid reader, I love when authors write short stories to accompany their novels. Short stories allow the readers to gain more insight into scenes or characters, that would have slowed down the main story. Do you have a favorite author that writes short stories that compliment his/her novels?

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Note: To learn more about this story and the author visit her website.

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