Happy Tuesday!

Hi everyone,
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you. Today I gained several new followers, most of whom are newly pubished authors. I am in awe with all of the kind words of support from everyone, so I wanted to take this moment to say thanks! I love reading works from new authors, and the best part is being able to share this journey with all of you. I hope that each of you will find a new author from your favorite genre, and enjoy his/her stories. As for my reading progress, I am just over a third of the way into the current book, and I am going to read more tonight. Thanks again everyone!
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2 Responses to Happy Tuesday!

  1. Thank you for your great book suggestions; I always look forward to your blogs.

    • Thank you Elizabeth Rooks. My goal for this blog is to connect readers with new books, and new authors. I appreciate your support in helping me accomplish my dream, and I hope to help new authors accomplish his/her goals. I really enjoyed your first book, and I am looking forward to your future works. Thank you again for following my blog!
      Have a great night,

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