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I thought I would take a quick break today from writing my reviews to talk about the Olympics. I love watching the Olympics, but I can’t decide which one, Summer or Winter, is my favorite. Do you have a favorite? Now of course, I have my must watch sports for each of the seasons. For summer: gymnastics, swimming, and volleyball top my list. Whereas for winter, the top choices are hockey, skiing, and skating. However each year I try and watch a new sport, and this year’s choice happened by chance and now I am addicted. The Men’s Road Race in cycling was on yesterday, and the only way to describe it in one word is: INTENSE. Six or so hours of riding a bike, several crashes, and a wild ending left me speechless. I am pretty sure I saw more blood yesterday, than in most “extreme” sports. And now today, the women are racing in the rain. Yes, I think I have a new sport to watch again in another four years. Most importantly: GO TEAM USA!!! So, tell me do you have a favorite Olympic sport?

Also, I would like to mention, that I just started reading an exciting new book in the Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre. I will finish the book and have my review posted by the end of this coming week. I hope everyone is enjoying a summer filled with awesome books.


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