Heart of a Cowboy

By Reeyce Smythe Wilder. Format: ebook. Read: Jan. 2012.
  Heart of a Cowboy is the first of Reeyce Smythe Wilder’s works that I have had the pleasure of reading. It is set in an older west, with easily relatable characters. The story is nicely written, with scenes that will have the reader craving to read more. Even though Heart of a Cowboy is short, and could use more details pertaining to the setting, Wilder has created an excellent set-up for her first series. The ebook format did contain a few errors, but overall I enjoyed this book, and cannot wait for the sequel. If you are a fan of strong cowboys that are there to save the day, then you will enjoy this ebook.


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  1. CM

    What type of details do you look for?

    • Hello CM,
      First, thank you for visiting my blog. Second, to answer your question, I look for details that help tell the story. Characters and scenes require a certain amount of detai, in order for the reader to “see” what is taking place. However setting details are quite important too, because the setting is the background in which the action takes place. Those details are important because it allows the reader to “see” the whole picture. When the setting is described in enough detail, it will support what the author is writting, however when the setting lacks detail, it can deter from the action.
      In the case of this story, the author mentions in the very first sentence, that the story takes place in Montana. The author never mentions a time period in which the story occurs, which gives me and and other readers a hint of confusion. Is this story during the time that Montana is a territory, or is it a state? Laws and people have changed throughout history, and being able to identify a specific time period for the story, would have strengthened the characteristics of all the characters.
      I hope I answered your question. Thanks again for following my blog, and as always I hope you enjoy some great adventures with books!

  2. Britany

    I absolutely loved this short ebook, it could have been a little long yet I wouldn’t change it

    • Ariesgrl

      Britany, I agree. I would have preferred it to be longer too, but it was still a delightful book. I am glad you enjoyed it and stopped by here to let me know. Have a wonderful day!

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