Where are the reviews?

For those of you who have started to check out my blog, you have probably been surprised to see nothing but a blank page. First thank you for looking at my blog, and second, I do apologize for having zero reviews posted. The point of this blog is to get fans of literature together and discuss all of the amazing books we are lucky enough to read. However, as most of you know life can sometimes get in the way of our reading/writing time. I am back now and within the next few weeks, all of the books I have read this year will be posted with their reviews. Thanks again for checking things out here, and keep coming back to discover more adventures with books!  ~Nicole, ariesgrl

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  1. The reviews are coming in!!!
    I have started posting all of my reviews. Each review is titled by the name of the book, then I have posted the author, the form (paperback, hardcover, or ebook) and the month and year I have read the book. I own a NOOK®, so all of the ebooks have been purchased through the NOOK® shop, unless otherwise stated. If you have a favorite genre, check the categories on the right, for genre specific reviews. Go ahead and check out a couple of the other categories, because you never know when you will discover an exciting new adventure! As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!!! ~ariesgrl

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